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2017 Mercedes GLS450 & Depreciation?

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Hey guys,

I had a couple questions about the Mercedes GLS450. One thing I wanted to talk about was the depreciation factor of the GLS450. I'm planning on buying one but I'm not sure how much it's gonna depreciate over time, there aren't any older models, because the GLS was introduced this year, so I really can't look at past models and look at the depreciation of it.

Back in 2015 I bought the 2015 Mercedes CLA250 with about 6,000 miles on it for about $40,000 (It's fully loaded). That was the bluebook value at the time too. Now when I look at CLA's that have the same spec with about 6,000 but a newer model like the 2017, you can buy it for around $30,000 or less. The CLA was kind of new at the time the oldest model being the 2014 I believe that's what drove the price up. Right now the blue book value of my car is around $25,000, and I lost about $15,000 and only added about 3,000 miles.

With that being said, and the story of my CLA I feel like I'm in the same dilemma where the car is new and I'm not sure if that cars price will hold or plummet. The GLS costs much more the sticker price being around $70,000. I don't want it to depreciate a lot, and I'm not sure if it will or not. It might keep it value like the G-Wagon or it might lose a lot of value in the coming years. With that being said I wanted to pass the question onto you guys to try and help me decided whether I should get a GLS or not, and whether you guys think it's gonna depreciate a lot or hold it's value.

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