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A little HELP, please!

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Post2017-10-05, 12:31      A little HELP, please! Odpowiedz z cytatem
I have a 1989 Bluebird All American FE gasoline school bus conversion with an Allison MT643 transmission p/n 23014316. I arrived in Fargo, ND Sunday for the Sugar Beet Harvest. I limped into Fargo and my tranny died. I will be working the harvest for two weeks. Does anybody know anybody in the Fargo area who can install a used trans in my school bus? I got estimates on new for $6,000 - $10,000. Not gonna make that much during the harvest. I will have to leave the campground I am at in two weeks. Any help, ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Forum samochodowe » Flota » A little HELP, please!
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