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ADS 320i - passive or active X-over ?

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I am installing a pair of older ADS 320i's into the front doors of my Toyota Tundra. Both the speakers and passive X-overs were recently refurbished.

I can run the ADS's full range using the passives and a Soundstream D-200
(100w x 2) or use an electronic X-over (either a Coustic 3 way, or Nakamichi EC200H) and run the D200 to the mids, and a Soundstream D50 (25 x 2, Class A) to the tweeters.

Bass via a pair of Image Dynamics 8" subs in a Q-logic enclosure, powered by a bridged Mmats Class D.

Head unit is a Pioneer AVH-P3300BT. (no internal X-over feature)

Doors/interior of cabin have been treated, am more into SQ than volume ...

Once I set the levels and X-over points I will likely not mess with them - I just
keep assuming that, all else being equal, an active setup with have a cleaner and better sound than going passive.
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Forum samochodowe » Car Audio » ADS 320i - passive or active X-over ?
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