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Airport to City - Public Transport

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Starting a thread on the airport to city public transport options now that in a few cities in India these have developed into a viable alternative to Taxis . I used National Express extensively in UK to get to the airports during my stint there.


Very well documented already in these forums. BMTC volvos are very efficient. Have used them extensively and find that their service is very good and prompt at all hours especially if you are in Hebbal or Mekhri circle area, First bus if I remember reaches Mekhri Circle at around 4 AM and even on delayed flights arriving late at night, getting buses to Mekhri Circle and Majestic are not a problem.

Some bus stops are very isolated and not very safe at night (eg Hebbal -outside Esteem Mall). Also late evening/early morning, the only reliable service is to KBS (Majestic) via Hebbal and Mekhri Circle.

Another issue I have noted is that the airport coaches allow intra city pax upto Hebbal. This is a security issue (for luggage etc) as I have seen buses from the Airport to HSR getting crowded from Hebbal onwards and in many cases with the luggage racks being in the centre of the coach, this can be a problem.

Overall a very reliable service.


Not many people are aware that there is now a prety reliable Volvo service by KeSRTC from around 7 AM to 9 PM from the airport terminal. Early morning/late evening services have a gap of around 1 hour while other times there is a bus leaving every half an hour.

These Volvos are the normal JnURM Volvos (no luggage racks like in BMTC) hence not very suitable f you have lots of luggage. Bus stop is just outside the domestic arrivals and there is a sign board with the timings. In case the next bus is after an hour and there are delayed flights arriving shortly after the scheduled departure time of the earlier bus, the earlier bus generally waits.

Most of the buses run from Airport to Fort Kochi but with the exception of very few, most does not touch any railway station enroute (Aluva/Ernakulam North and Sourth) and they take the Aluva Bye Pass, Edappally Byepass/Vytilla/Kundannur route.

For more you can check

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