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An all around standard bike?

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Bikes have become so specialized today that we even have separate categories for cruisers with saddlebags that are called "baggers". But there was a time when manufacturers just made motorcycles, and owners modified them for specific uses. In the 1970's and 1980's the phrase "UJM" or "universal Japanese motorcycle" was often heard, a phrase not heard much today. Although I started my riding on cruisers (actually really started on a scooter and then moved on to cruisers) I had the chance to ride what might have been around a perfect "standard" bike that I wish I had bought, the Honda Nighthawk 750. With the in-line four cylinder engine, upright riding position, it really impressed me. Add a windscreen and saddle bags and it was a tourer. Leave it stock and it was a great commuter or weekend ride. Somehow I switched from cruisers to sport touring bikes for several years before getting back to cruisers, and in the interim the Nighthawk 750 went out of production. Probably if I rode one today I would not be as impressed (if I recall it had a rear drum brake) with its lack of technology but thinking about that bike made me wonder if any manufacturer makes something equivalent to that Nighthawk today. I'm certainly not willing to give up my Goldwing, but when I think about getting a lighter second bike for zipping around town and the like I think I would like something that approximates that Nighthawk.

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