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Best Roadside Assistance/Insurance

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Hey guys, just came here to tell you all about a really good roadside assistance company. I drive a, 88' Chevy Monte Carlo with a Holley carb every day, so it's pretty obvious I break down sometimes. Motor Club of America is a bit more expensive than some other companies like AAA, but honestly in my opinion it's worth it. Plus for a $40 startup fee and $20 per month after that you get things such as 100 miles of towing per day to the destination of your choice (great in case you're like me and like to buy project cars that don't run, Just call up MCA and have them towed to your house.) Plus if you decide to become an associate, you can make a minimum of $80 per sale, which covers your first month plus 2 more months. So if you sell just 5 memberships per year, you'll be getting free roadside assistance, and you'll still be in the green. If you need more information about this service

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