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British Airways Concorde Simulator

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Those of you that are following some of the aviation related threads on the forum, might have picked up I am very much an aviation enthusiast. I obtained my Private Pilot License whilst living in the USA some years ago too. To me one of the most fascinating planes ever build was/is the Concorde. I have had the pleasure of flying it only once. That was a 20 minute promotion flight in the mid eighties. So we never went supersonic, but it was still a fascinating experience. All Concordes have been retired some time ago. You can still see them in many places around the world as all airframes found their ways to various museums.

One of the musueums with a Concorde is the Brookland Museum in Weybridge, UK, just South west of London.

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Forum samochodowe » Giełda - darmowe ogłoszenia użytkowników » British Airways Concorde Simulator
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