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Ford Figo Accident, Car May be a declared total loss

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Hello All,
I met with an accodent last week(29th Jan) near chithode (Coimbatore Salem Highway). Collided with a lorry which was travelling infront of me. Fortunately no injuries were sustained by myself or anyone else in the car or Lorry. Got the car towed to Rajshree Ford in Coimbatore on 30th after completing the fomalities in Chitode police station(received a GD note from them). The car has extensive damage on the grill, radiator , bumber, bonnet ,windshield, driver side window, both headlamps, fog lamps and the right side front Pillar. the Engine was running and the suspension seems to be fine as i drove the car for a few meters to park inside a nearby hotel overnight. Picture of the car is attached.
The initial estimate from the garage is 2.5 Lacs out of which nearly 1 lac has to be paid from my pocket. however someone from the insurance company called me yesterday and informed the estimate could be higher and there is a chance the car could be witten off as "total Loss". He is scheduled to give me a call tomorrow(6th Feb) with further details. Below are teh details of car and insurance,
Car : Ford Figo Diesel (2012 Model)
Insurance Company- Bharati Axa
IDV value as per latest policy- 3.41 Lacs
Initial estimate for repair- 2.5 Lacs( could be higher as per the surveyor, attaching the detailed estimate i received from Rajshree ford).
Below are some questions i have,
incase the insurance company decides that it is a case of total loss am I entitled to get the full IDV value or atleast close to it?
What are my options if the insurance company's offer is considerably less than the IDV?
Also how long it generally takes to get the amount from the insurance company?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Post2018-02-22, 11:31      Ford Figo Accident, Car May be a declared total loss Odpowiedz z cytatem
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