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Hyundai i20 2012 tyre upsize

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I have 2012 Hyundai i20 1.2 petrol car. it has done 31K km and now i want to change the stock tyres. my main concern is that i want to increase ground clearance as well with new tyres. The stock tyre size is 185/65R14 and i'm confused between 185/70R14 or 195/65R14 (i don't want to increase width above 195mm) of Continental CC5. I don't want to change the wheels as well. I also know that i'll get odo difference with both the tyres(which is no problem because i will keep the record of km done and the diff of odo).
I have read somewhere that going for taller sidewall(185/70R14, 10mm more than stock) with less air pressure can cause side wall bulge. i am mostly concerned about this. I mostly drive in city and sometimes on highway (speed b/w 100-120kmph). and i only fill air with digital air pump at local fuel station(which comes after a road toll station, therefore not possible to fill air frequently). others are analog air filling stations which i don't prefer because they are highly inaccurateUndecided.
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Forum samochodowe » RC czyli zdalnie sterowane » Hyundai i20 2012 tyre upsize
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