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wife die in tragic car accident

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The link says that the car probably hit a speed breaker at very high speed (over 120 kph), causing the driver to lose control and veer off the road. Quoting from the link:
The driver seems to miss the speed breaker that was not illuminated. At the speed at which the car is travelling, it goes over the speedbreaker and flies up
The reason I am posting this thread is to dispute or at least question the last part of this quote. I doubt if the car will "fly up" after hitting a speed breaker at high speed. The BMW Z4, being a sports car, probably has a very low ground clearance. It is more likely that the bottom portion of the car including suspension and transmission took a tremendous hit after negotiating the speed breaker. In addition the driver Ashwin Sundar was probbly breking very hard to slow down the car and the tyres/wheels may also have been damaged upon hitting the speed breaker. All this damage and the skidding due to the heavy breaking would have led the subsequent loss of contral and fatal accident.
I have said this many times before. These high end cars are grossly overpowered for Indian roads and are much more unsafe than a small car like my old Santro, which has none of the fancy "safety features" that a BMW has. It is laughable to see fancy sports cars like Porsche being driiven painfully slowly on our bumpy roads for fear that they will bottom out due to low ground clearance.

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Forum samochodowe » Flota » wife die in tragic car accident
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