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Kenwood & Flashdrives

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Hello Everyone,
I recently installed a new (for me anyway) Kenwood DNN991HD in my car. My problem is with using USB flash drives for my music. I have about 1100 tracks (.MP3 & .WMA) on a 16G SanDisk. If I copy all the tracks (without "albums" or folders) to the Root or a single folder, the unit only sees the first 255. I understand that is a limit of the software or OS. But, with other stereos, I have always been able to copy the tracks with their albums and then use "shuffle" or "random" playback with no problems. With this Kenwood though, it stays in the folder where it began and never leaves - in other words, it cannot playback randomly across folders or albums. Is this just the way this thing works, or is there some sort of glitch or defect? I've played my music as described with at least 3 other stereos in the past few years and this is the first time I've run into this.
Any ideas?

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